Rossman Partners helps clients compete and win in the digital era.  Led by John Rossman, Rossman Partners listens and understand your situation and what is needed.  Through a broad array of trusted partners and collegues, I bring the right expertise, solutions and engagement to focus on delivering results. 



  • Preeminent independent authority on
  • Digital strategy
  • API driven business models and architectures
  • Internet of Things strategies, business models and programs
  • Digital health metrics
  • Customer experience
  • Executive coaching and advising
  • Company integration
  • Innovation portfolio and program definition
  • E-commercek and omni-channel
  • Wearable technology to keep workers safe
  • Large scale merger planning and integration
  • Systems and process integration
  • Board and board advisory roles
  • Large-scale program management
  • Social sector multi-party complex engagements

Board and Board Advisory

I am fortunate to serve on the board or be a board advisor to a number of innovative organizations and capabilities.  These teams are innovators changing the status quo.  Depending upon your situation and needs, these companies and leaders from these companies might participate.


  • Board advisor ACTNext, the research, development, and business innovation division at ACT, Inc. The ACTNext research team, comprised of leaders working on innovative solutions that advance individuals throughout their lifetimes, is passionate about making a difference.
  •  Advisor to Terbine, a commercial marketplace for the exchange of IoT generated data.  Terbine was recently one of TechCrunches top Alchemist startups (Meet Top Startups from Alchemists Class 17)
  •  SupplyClinic is a marketplace for trusted dental supplies serving dentists.
  •  Modjoul is a sensor based belt for workplace safety and productivity improvements.