My keynote speaches are on digital disruption, innovation, customer obession, supply chain and creating a culture of operational excellence and innovation.  I also speak on the Internet of Things and how technology is transforming society.  Many of the keynote speeches and leadership team and board facilitations are done in confidence. My goal is to give tools and techniques used immediately, which help drive innovation and a customer obsessed culture.

For speaking requests, please contact:
Stephen Kirkpatrick
Executive Speakers Bureau
[email protected]

 “Very refreshing, very appropriate, very inspirational, very helpful……very thankful    TG”

Upcoming in fall of 2017 — JP Morgan Chase in NYC, Symphony Retail Solutions, Pernod Ricard, ICMI, Young Presidents of SoCal and many others.

  • August — 2017: Newport News Ship Builder

    Presented “Disruption, Internet of Things, & Innovations — The Amazon Way” at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia.  Had the opportunity to go on an amazing tour of the shipyard.  Newport News Shipbuilding is the builder of nuclear aircraft carriers and one of two manufacturers for nuclear submarines.

  • July 2017 — Houston Based Food Distributor

    For an A&M client, I delivered 4 keynotes in 2 days.  I was exhausted!  Great time with the Sysco team. Client quote — “Very refreshing, very appropriate, very inspirational, very helpful……very thankful“

  • June 2017 — Major Private Equity Firm in NYC

    For a major private equity firm, I gave a keynote speech titled “What Makes Amazon Great?” which reviews key factors of strategy, business model, leadership and techniques which continue to make Amazon the most distruptive company in the world.  Lively hour of Q&A and discussion ensued after the keynote.

  • May 2017 — Trace3 Evolve Conference

    My keynote at the Trace 3 Evolve Conference was titled “How is Your IoT Strategy?”. https://evolvetechconference.com/  

  • April 2017 — Northwest Seaport Alliance Keynote

    Back to Seattle!  Great to visit my old home city of Seattle (we moved to San Clemente CA in August, 2016) and be the keynote speaker for the Northwest Seaport Alliance.  The Alliance is the new combined operating entity of the Port of Seattle and Tacoma.  The president of the Alliance followed my keynote and […]

  • March — AIM for Brilliance, Omaha NE

    AIM is an innovative not-for-profit community organization that grows, connects and inspires the tech talent ecosystem through career development and educational programs.  I was the keynote speaker for this great audience and event.

  • March 2017 — San Antonio CFO Forum

    I made my first appearance at the San Antonio CFO forum in 2015, and was fortunate to be invited back a second time to talk about The Internet of Things.  Over 240 local area leaders attended (sell out!).  My Alvarez and Marsal partner Boyd Mulkey helped make this happen.

  • Feb- 2017 OSU Spears School

    I was sponsored by the Oklahoma State Center for Executive and Professional Development, over a 2 day period gave 4 keynote speeches and a number of interviews.  The Spears School of Business did an amazing job of organizing and the attendance was fantastic.  Here’s a few pictures. I did an interview with President of OSU, […]

  • Feb 2017 — Bristlecone PULSE Conference

    John Rossman, an industry leader on Disruptive Innovation and author of ‘The Amazon Way’, is a featured speaker at Bristlecone Pulse 2017. A former Director of Enterprise Services at Amazon, he comes with over two decades of guiding and helping businesses transform their business models—across a wide range of industries including retail, insurance, education, forest […]

  • Feb 2017 — Essendant CORE Live — REVOLUTION

    Honored to be the “revolution” speaker to this audience of 600 Essendant distributors and resellers in Las Vegas  


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    the amazon way on IoT

    The Amazon Way on IoT