• Guess Who is #1 on Drucker Institute Most Effectively Managed US Companies Study??

    Vanessa Fuhrmans and Yoree Koh published a WSJ front business page article titled “The 250 Most Effectively Managed U.S. Companies—and How They Got That Way“.  Quoting research from the Drucker Institute “Management Top 250” report, Amazon was evaluated as #1, just ahead of Apple, Alphabet (Google), Johnson & Johnson and IBM.  This despite having just a “2 […]

  • Please Amazon Open a Pharmacy. PLEASE!

    It’s a sunny Saturday morning in Southern California in June. I stopped at my local pharmacy, a large national chain, to pick up a prescription following a doctor’s appointment earlier in the week. It’s 10 AM, and the store is quiet. There is one customer talking to the clerk at the pharmacy pickup window, and one lady […]

  • Fast Fashion– Nothing; Meet On Demand Fashion

    While the quick inventory turns, responsive supply chains and customer oriented nature of “fast fashion” Zara, H&M, and many others are admired, Amazon has been awarded a patent for “On Demand Apparel Manufacturing” (US Patent 9623578).  The patent describes a system to create on-demand, custom fit apparel.  Part of the innovation appears to be the grouping […]

  • Innovate Like Amazon with The Future Press Release

    Bezos is famous for requiring teams to create a Future Press Release before launching into a new product, undergoing any kind of transformation, or entering a new market. Going through the process of creating a simple but specific product announcement forces you to find clarity around your vision. You have to think through key features […]

  • CSP Interview — 3 Ways Amazon Will Succeed With C-Stores—and 1 Big Reason It Won’t

    CSP Daily News is the leader in news for the convenience store industry.  In this interview with Mitch Moreland, we discussed Amazon Go and key objectives for this.  Read the full article HERE Key quotes from interview include “For John Rossman, Amazon’s success in physical retail will stem from its uncanny ability to measure all […]

  • Reinventing the Customer Experience with IoT — Amazon Go

    Amazon announced a revolutionary customer shopping and checkout technology called “Amazon Go”  saying that “we used computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion much like you would find in self driving cars” to create a completely self-service experience.  A customer checks in when entering a store with a swipe of their mobile phone, and […]

  • Recap of Seattle Times Andy Jassy Interview, CEO of AWS

    The AWS re:Invent conference is coming up.  Andy Jassy does an interview with AWS CEO Andy Jassy.  Much of the discussion reiterates why Amazon is a different type of competitor and how their leadership principles drive the culture.  This includes key quotes by Andy Jassy: “We are hiring so many people all over the world […]

  • Amazon Reputation is Highest Among All US Brands

    Read about how Amazon has created this reputation and some of the methods you can adopt in The Amazon Way:  14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company. The Amazon reputation appears to be at an all time high despite some visible public relations and media challenges.  The Reputation Institute ( benchmarks companies against a […]

  • Align with Amazon or Compete Against It? Insights from Teikametrics Webcast

    Teikametrics is a SaaS solution and consulting company with expertise helping third party sellers manage and grow their business at  I was invited to participate in the webcast and give my insights into trends and strategy in the third party business.  Some of the critical points out of the webinar, which really show important […]

  • Amazon Streaming Partner Program – A Cable Killer??

    The Amazon Streaming Partner Program was announced this week.  At face value, it seems like a great PRIME customer value to subscribe at discounted rates with partners such as Showtime and STARZ.  Taken a step further, it escalates the competition between Amazon Video and other streaming content businesses such as Netflix and Hulu.  But the […]