• Recap of Seattle Times Andy Jassy Interview, CEO of AWS

    The AWS re:Invent conference is coming up.  Andy Jassy does an interview with AWS CEO Andy Jassy.  Much of the discussion reiterates why Amazon is a different type of competitor and how their leadership principles drive the culture.  This includes key quotes by Andy Jassy: “We are hiring so many people all over the world […]

  • Amazon Reputation is Highest Among All US Brands

    Read about how Amazon has created this reputation and some of the methods you can adopt in The Amazon Way:  14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company. The Amazon reputation appears to be at an all time high despite some visible public relations and media challenges.  The Reputation Institute ( benchmarks companies against a […]

  • Align with Amazon or Compete Against It? Insights from Teikametrics Webcast

    Teikametrics is a SaaS solution and consulting company with expertise helping third party sellers manage and grow their business at  I was invited to participate in the webcast and give my insights into trends and strategy in the third party business.  Some of the critical points out of the webinar, which really show important […]

  • Amazon Streaming Partner Program – A Cable Killer??

    The Amazon Streaming Partner Program was announced this week.  At face value, it seems like a great PRIME customer value to subscribe at discounted rates with partners such as Showtime and STARZ.  Taken a step further, it escalates the competition between Amazon Video and other streaming content businesses such as Netflix and Hulu.  But the […]

  • Amazon May Launch Apparel Brands, Already On Path to Be Largest Apparel Retailer

    On-AMZN:  We launched the Amazon apparel category in October, 2002.  This was the first launch of the “[email protected]” platform at Amazon and the category opened with purely third party sellers such as Gap, Nordstrom and Macy’s.  Since then, Amazon has added hundreds of thousands of sellers in the apparel category, and become a major retailer […]

  • Black Friday Predictions 2016 — Amazon Dominates Online Forecast

    On-AMZN:  The Christian Science Monitor report that 83% of customers polled plan to spend Black Friday on, followed by at .  In-store retail customer polling reviel that the leader is Walmart at 62% followed by Target at 61% (apparently the poll allowed customers to pick more than one).  Black Friday 2014 saw 5% fewer […]

  • Amazon’s Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy — Another Virtuous Cycle Taking Shape

    Amazon is the master of exploring, expanding and disrupting in both retail capabilities and providing business services, typically technology services via AWS, to companies.  When they can connect the two together, there are reinforcing synergies between the capabilities and investments.  The Amazon Flywheel is a long-tested systems dynamic view of Amazon’s core retail and marketplace […]

  • Actually Interesting News — Amazon Expands Prime To Items Shipped Directly from Merchants

    On-AMZN:  No doubt Amazon gets it share of press.  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve commented as I haven’t seen anything really surprising or potentially competitively gamechanging for Amazon.  This story on WSJ by Greg Bensinger — “Amazon Expands Prime with Goods Shipped Directly From Merchants” is actually both.  Amazon Prime membership is estimated to […]

  • Amazon Restaurants Scaling Up Reports Reuters

    On-AMZN:  Although the Amazon restaurant and delivery business launched (at least in Seattle) in December, 2014, Reuters reports Amazon is adding employees to this business, an indication of agressive ramp of this business in combination with Amazon Now.  A customer, using Amazon Now, could order dinner, drinks (wine or beer) and a DVD (well, they would […]

  • Amazon AMZN 2014 Shareholder Letter – Three “Dreamy” Businesses, Getting Smarter on PR

    If you are looking for insights into Amazon, the annual Shareholder Letter is always insightful, with many nuggets of strategic and cultural richness.  The Amazon AMZN 2014 Shareholder letter is no exemption and really gives four insights: First – the Amazon Marketplace Business is the core growth platform for the Amazon Retail Business.  Over 42% […]