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  • Fast Fashion– Nothing; Meet On Demand Fashion

    While the quick inventory turns, responsive supply chains and customer oriented nature of “fast fashion” Zara, H&M, and many others are admired, Amazon has been awarded a patent for “On Demand Apparel Manufacturing” (US Patent 9623578).  The patent describes a system to create on-demand, custom fit apparel.  Part of the innovation appears to be the grouping […]

  • Reinventing the Customer Experience with IoT — Amazon Go

    Amazon announced a revolutionary customer shopping and checkout technology called “Amazon Go”  saying that “we used computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion much like you would find in self driving cars” to create a completely self-service experience.  A customer checks in when entering a store with a swipe of their mobile phone, and […]

  • Amazon Shutting Down Webstore Platform — What Went Wrong?

    On-AMZN:  I ran the Enterprise Services Business at Amazon in 2004 and 2005.  This business provided the ecommerce infrastructure for large enterprise brands like, Toys R Us, NBA, and other great brands.  This business provided core web technology, branded fulfillment and branded customer service to these clients. In order to reach the small […]

  • Amazon Email Service WorkMail — Another Trojan Horse

    On-AMZN: Amazon announced a corporate email service WorkMail similiar in nature to Google’s Apps for Work email and Microsoft Office 365 managed email services.  This article and video from WSJ raises several good points, but does not ask an essential question — why is each company in this business?.   WSJ stresses the simplicity of managment, low […]

  • WSJ Cloud Computing Market and AWS Data Points — Amazon Dominating Race to the Bottom

    The Wall Street Journal’s article on April 16th titled Finding Stock Plays in the Cloud highlights several interesting data points for those of us following the cloud computing market: Amazon has cut AWS prices by 34% since October Google has reduced prices by 23% in March and 19% in December Microsoft has lowered prices on Azure cloud services […]


    AWS (Amazon Web Services) announced the release of Kinesis – Streaming data service brings real-time decision-making to Big Data.  Why is that important?  The “internet of things” or IoT is the enablement on a massive scale of self-monitoring, IP enabled devices all creating streaming data.  These “things” include your car, individual parts of your car, any […]

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