Reviews and Quotes About The Amazon Way on IoT

John Rossman comes at it from a different direction. Instead of riding the hype to push IoT, he uses the megaphone of IoT to push organizations to go back to basics and first principles: How to improve customer experience, how to improve organizational excellence, how to test things without better the barn. Only then does he dive into how IoT can lead to new business models and change company strategies.

My only criticism is that most companies only need the first half of the book. And many people will think they can skip the first half to get to the “good stuff” in the back. Do yourself a favor: Spend the next year working on the principles from the first half, and only if you’ve felt like your organization has really really nailed it, spend any time at all on the second half of the book.

You have been warned!  —  Edward Nevraumont

I have worked with a large number of companies building IOT solutions and think this book would be a great starting place for anyone wanting to enter this space. The focus on principals vs methods is really the right starting place when you are creating a strategy for something as complex as an IOT solution. I found myself nodding my head vigorously in agreement as I was reading this paragraph in the beginning of the book…”methods are situational. In the companies I’ve spoken with, there are few golden rules, but there are powerful leadership dynamics that underlie each organization’s methods. Those dynamics have had an oversized influence on these companies’ successes—or lack thereof.”  —  Robyn J

If you are pursuing an IoT strategy for your business, this guide will help avoid the pitfalls many organizations are facing today. With all the talk and excitement about IoT and the competitive advantages anticipated, you would think that adoption would be easy – but it is not. This book explains the pitfalls that companies run into and provides an approach to IoT adoption that is practical, adaptive, clear, and actionable. John Rossman demonstrates why the lack of a focused vision and support from the top are key reasons for a lack of progress. He makes the case that a company’s methods and culture are at the core of ultimate success or failure. The book is full of important insights that will help leaders adopt effective IoT practices and strategies, e.g., the Triple Threat and Extensibility Frameworks present useful strategic models. This book is very practical; I am recommending it to my colleagues as well.  —  JTWaltman

This is a great companion to Rossman’s first book “The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company.” In “The Amazon Way on IoT”, Rossman shows you how the company’s leadership principles manifest themselves in strategy, process and new business development as they pertain to the “Internet of Things.”

Rossman’s hypothesis is that the important aspects of the “Internet of Things” are not the “things.” The important aspects are the processes such as collecting (or “sensor-ing”) the data, munging said data, deriving its meaning, and responding appropriately. It is through these processes that companies can enhance the customer experience, be more operationally efficient, and discover and exploit new business opportunities and models.

If you are business leader concerned with strategy or just someone who wants to understand this new and quickly evolving environment, this is a great primer with which to start.  —  Randy

Great reference guide to help get you head around IoT. Well Done !

I loved it more than some other reference books on the subject as it covers the different priorities you may be focused on as a business, whether that be improving your customer experience, reshaping your business model, trying to squeeze more operational experience, or any combination of these, this book has you covered. The ‘networked multiplier effect’ should not be lost on anyone wanting to remain relevant.

All of these concepts have been brought together in a simple and useful guide, great case study insights and the art of pushing you to action.

After reading it, I am grabbing more copies to hand out in my company to help others see and shape the future, so I am happy to recommend it to you too.  —  Donna Vinci

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