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  • Recap of Seattle Times Andy Jassy Interview, CEO of AWS

    The AWS re:Invent conference is coming up.  Andy Jassy does an interview with AWS CEO Andy Jassy.  Much of the discussion reiterates why Amazon is a different type of competitor and how their leadership principles drive the culture.  This includes key quotes by Andy Jassy: “We are hiring so many people all over the world […]

  • Amazon Streaming Partner Program – A Cable Killer??

    The Amazon Streaming Partner Program was announced this week.  At face value, it seems like a great PRIME customer value to subscribe at discounted rates with partners such as Showtime and STARZ.  Taken a step further, it escalates the competition between Amazon Video and other streaming content businesses such as Netflix and Hulu.  But the […]

  • Amazon’s Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy — Another Virtuous Cycle Taking Shape

    Amazon is the master of exploring, expanding and disrupting in both retail capabilities and providing business services, typically technology services via AWS, to companies.  When they can connect the two together, there are reinforcing synergies between the capabilities and investments.  The Amazon Flywheel is a long-tested systems dynamic view of Amazon’s core retail and marketplace […]

  • AMZN Invests in Cloud Computing Ecosystem Partner Acquia

    On-AMZN:  In addition to digitial distruption from it’s cloud computing capabilities, AMZN is investing in ecosystem partners that drive consumption of cloud computing, and give AMZN good insights to end user needs.  Acquia is a Drupal based solution and services company that describes itself as an “enterprise faciliator”. By Leon Spencer/ZDNet Less than three months […]

  • WSJ Cloud Computing Market and AWS Data Points — Amazon Dominating Race to the Bottom

    The Wall Street Journal’s article on April 16th titled Finding Stock Plays in the Cloud highlights several interesting data points for those of us following the cloud computing market: Amazon has cut AWS prices by 34% since October Google has reduced prices by 23% in March and 19% in December Microsoft has lowered prices on Azure cloud services […]

  • Big Data Query Tool Impala added to Amazon AWS — It Just Keeps Coming

    Amazon’s cloud computing business AWS announced the release of high-performance SQL-like open source query tool Impala running on AWS.  Combine Impala with Amazon’s Kinesis product which enables real time collection and distribution of streaming data and instrumentation, and you’ve got the infrastructure components needed to power the internet of things (IoT).  From a business standpoint, […]


    US Retail E-commerce is forecasted to have a 12% to 15% YOY increase as percent of total retail sales in this holiday season, as forecasted by Comscore, and accounted for 5.9% of all retail sales in Q3.  Amazon is expected to outpace competition due to Prime shipping, new mobile app, and other shipping programs such as […]

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