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  • CSP Interview — 3 Ways Amazon Will Succeed With C-Stores—and 1 Big Reason It Won’t

    CSP Daily News is the leader in news for the convenience store industry.  In this interview with Mitch Moreland, we discussed Amazon Go and key objectives for this.  Read the full article HERE Key quotes from interview include “For John Rossman, Amazon’s success in physical retail will stem from its uncanny ability to measure all […]

  • Align with Amazon or Compete Against It? Insights from Teikametrics Webcast

    Teikametrics is a SaaS solution and consulting company with expertise helping third party sellers manage and grow their business at  I was invited to participate in the webcast and give my insights into trends and strategy in the third party business.  Some of the critical points out of the webinar, which really show important […]

  • Black Friday Predictions 2016 — Amazon Dominates Online Forecast

    On-AMZN:  The Christian Science Monitor report that 83% of customers polled plan to spend Black Friday on, followed by at .  In-store retail customer polling reviel that the leader is Walmart at 62% followed by Target at 61% (apparently the poll allowed customers to pick more than one).  Black Friday 2014 saw 5% fewer […]

  • Amazon Restaurants Scaling Up Reports Reuters

    On-AMZN:  Although the Amazon restaurant and delivery business launched (at least in Seattle) in December, 2014, Reuters reports Amazon is adding employees to this business, an indication of agressive ramp of this business in combination with Amazon Now.  A customer, using Amazon Now, could order dinner, drinks (wine or beer) and a DVD (well, they would […]

  • Amazon Prime Now Expands — “Blink” and Your Delivery Is Here. Now in London

    Amazon Prime Now offers FREE 2 hour delivery and 1 hour delivery for $7.99 on orders over $15.  Customers do need to join the annual Amazon Prime membership ($99).  Amazon Prime Now just announced launching in London, which is the first international city in the program.  The mobile application allows customers to track the courier also […]

  • Amazon Shutting Down Webstore Platform — What Went Wrong?

    On-AMZN:  I ran the Enterprise Services Business at Amazon in 2004 and 2005.  This business provided the ecommerce infrastructure for large enterprise brands like, Toys R Us, NBA, and other great brands.  This business provided core web technology, branded fulfillment and branded customer service to these clients. In order to reach the small […]

  • B2B Digitial Disruption: B2B leaders need to increase their ‘Change IQ’

    On-AMZN:  I am speaking at the Hybris B2B Ecommerce Conference in Chicago on November 4th and 5th.  I recently had a chance to talk to them about the challenge of leadership in creating digitial disruption. Read the full article here John Rossman Q&A: B2B leaders need to increase their ‘change IQ’ By Jeff Weiner If […]

  • Amazon Anticipatory Shipping – Exactly WHAT is being anticipated?

    In the widely discussed “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR ANTICIPATORY PACKAGE SHIPPING” patent, a method for anticipating customer demand from past behavior, and then starting the delivery of the order before the customer hit’s the “buy” button, the underlying question is  truly “how applicable could this really be?”.  In thinking through the practical implementation of this, predicting […]

  • Amazon Creates Digital Disruption for Retail Supply Chain (AMZN)

    On-AMZN:  I launched and scaled the third party(3p) selling business for Amazon in 2002, creating digital disruption beyond Amazon’s core retail business.  The 3P business now accounts for over 40% of all units sold at Amazon and has over 2 million 3P sellers.  A critical aspect of the business was the combination of 3P,  Fulfillment by […]

  • E-tailers Battle Online Returns with Data and Personalization

    With estimates that over 1/3 of all online orders get returned, and trends showing that this is increasing with a generation of shoppers growing up with an “all you can eat” returns expectation offered by companies like Zappos, retailers are using a combination of data and personalization to help reduce the burden and costs this […]

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