Key Media Interviews

  • GeekWire: How to Think Like Amazon Read Here
  • MarketWatch:  How Amazon Succeeds by Learning From Failure Read Here
  • Yahoo Finance Interview in New York Studio Watch Here
  • Forbes:  Think Like Amazon; The Secrets of Success Read Here
  •  How to develop an internet of things strategyRead Here
  • Geekwire:  New book explores how the Internet of Things is reshaping businessRead Here
  • Internet History Podcast:  The Birth of Amazon’s 3rd Party PlatformListen Here
  • New York Times — Examing the Amazon WayRead Here
  • Geekwire Podcast InterviewListen Here
  • CNBC Closing Bell InterviewWatch Here
  • Watch Here

Yahoo Final Call Interview

John Rossman: The Amazon Way on IoT

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    Key Quotes

    “In Think Like Amazon, John Rossman brilliantly illuminates Amazon's secretive corporate culture, using s rare insider's perspective to show how Jeff Bezos has created an unique systems that facilitate good decision making at all levels of his company.”

    - Brad Stone, author, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

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