Think Like Amazon

Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to become a digital leader

Reading Think Like Amazon is like having Jeff Bezos advise me. This is the best strategy and tactics book I have read in a long time.

Eric Martinez, Founder and CEO of Modjoul and former EVP at AIG

This book provides innovators with a powerful framework to lead in today’s age of digital disruption and transformation. Whether your organization is a single-person start-up or a member of the Fortune 500, John Rossman’s 50 ½ ideas will empower executives and their teams to rethink their business, obsess over customers, and win in the digital era.

Mark Bertolini, former Chairman and CEO of Aetna Inc.

In today’s landscape, you’re either competing with Amazon or figuring out how to leverage it. Either way, you’d better understand its mindset, which drives how it operates. Having worked at Amazon in its early years, I can attest that this book definitely captures the essence and unwavering principles that make Amazon like no other company.

Kirk Beardsley, EVP of Digital at Nordstrom and former Director of Business Development at Amazon

Think Like Amazon: 50 1/2 Ideas to become a digital leader

What Would Jeff Do?

“For the last five years, my clients and the readers of my two previous books have asked repeatedly their own version of this question: “What would Jeff do?” Of course, when people ask me, “WWJD?” they’re really asking questions like: What does being “digital” mean? How do I avoid disruption? Will Amazon enter this business or geography? How does Amazon get these types of results? Would Amazon be interested in partnering with me? Would Amazon be interested in acquiring our company? How do I make my function as easy as shopping at Amazon? There are hundreds of questions in this vein, but they can all be boiled down to ‘What would Jeff do?’”

There is a playbook or system of beliefs and approaches for how they get results and think about their business. If you’ve been paying attention, you, too, can figure out how to think like Amazon. The wide set of scenarios and examples in Think Like Amazon may not directly answer your specific question, but by understanding Jeff’s general worldview, if you will, you can better apply his insights and principles to your circumstances.

Why will 80 percent of the Fortune 1000 be replaced over the next 10 years? Why is “disruption” a real threat?

“Think Like Amazon” provides insight into these questions and more. The book is coming out in May of 2019 and is available for pre-order now. If you order more than 10 copies, get signed copies from the author!

Ideas in developing a culture of innovation, excellence and speed! The phenomenal success and impact of Amazon has setup environment where asking “WWJD” is perhaps the essential question in the digital era.

Use the tools in this book to solve the seemingly impossible challenges your business faces today, and your customers will thank you with their loyalty and wallets.

James Thomson, partner at Buy Box Experts and former head of Amazon Services

Reading Think Like Amazon is like having Jeff Bezos advise me. This is the best strategy and tactics book I have read in a long time.

Eric Martinez, Founder and CEO of Modjoul and former EVP at AIG

Rossman shares the deep insights only an Amazon insider with a front-row seat to Jeff Bezos could uncover. From culture, strategy, business, and technology, this is a bible for transforming any organization for the digital era. Think Like Amazon is a must-read for board members, executives, and the entire organization.

Ray Wang, Founder and Chairman of Constellation Research, Inc., and author of Disrupting Digital Business

John Rossman has once again made complex business topics approachable. In Think Like Amazon, he reveals an insider’s perspective of the core operating principles of one of the world’s most iconic and highly valued companies and translated them into 50 clear lessons that any business leader can use and immediately apply. Perhaps the most useful is the ½ idea with which he challenges the reader. Relevant, timely, and easy to consume.

Gregg Garrett, CEO of CGS Advisors, former Chief Strategy Officer of Volkswagen North America, and author of Competing in the Connecting World

Think Like Amazon offers insights for companies faced with the challenge of crossing the innovation chasm. It offers a concrete and proven methodology that has been employed by Amazon to innovate in an effective way to overcome the rising antibodies in corporations that resist change. Highly recommended for anyone trying to understand disruptive technology and how it can change innovation with the right processes and strategy.

Michael J.T. Steep, Executive Director of the Digital Cities Program at Stanford Global Projects and former SVP at Xerox PARC

An inspiring and thought-provoking book that provides a window into one of the great companies and one of the great leaders of our time. The 50 ½ ideas are precious insights into the relentless pursuit of a frictionless customer experience that is fundamental to becoming a digital leader—and to be the disrupter instead of the disrupted!

Dick Hyatt, Founder and CEO of Decisiv

John Rossman has demonstrated his deep understanding of how Jeff Bezos and the Amazon team have curated a repeatable and methodical approach to becoming the preeminent customer-obsessed company to win in the digital era. In Think Like Amazon, John successfully outlines what business leaders can learn from Amazon’s industry-leading model and how they can apply these learnings to digitally transform their own companies. First and foremost is a reluctance to rely on old business models and past successes to define the future road map. It also emphasizes how important a passion for embracing new ways of thinking is to succeed in today’s highly disruptive and turbulent global economy. Necessary reading for all technology and business executives who are looking to propel their businesses forward in the next era of the digital economy.

Hunter Muller, President and CEO of HMG Strategy

John Rossman

Digital and Innovation Advisor

Managing Partner at Rossman Partners, keynote speaker and author.  Mr. Rossman is an expert at digital and ecommerce business models and operations. He has led engagements on ecommerce, Internet of Things strategies, marketplace and API driven platform business models..  He is a sought after speaker on creating a culture of operational excellence and innovation. Mr. Rossman has worked with clients across various industries, including retail, insurance, education, consumer products, industrial products and transportation.

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